Ann’s commitment and expertise researching my family’s history was staggering. With her know-how, sheer hard work, and leg work she found many of my ancestors and some long lost relatives. When in Ireland or elsewhere, she is expert on searching tirelessly through records for a needle in a haystack.” M.L. N. Ireland

“I was very impressed how quickly Ann was able to find some very relevant information on my Irish roots. Her abilities to research and knowledge of local records undoubtly contribute to her success.” B.S. U.S.A

“I am delighted with the work Ann has done researching my Scottish family roots. Starting with my great grandfather in 1901 she was able to trace all my ancestors in Scotland. As a sheer bonus she uncovered the World War 1 record for my great uncle, his story previously unknown to our family” B.A. Dublin, Ireland.

“I could not believe the amount of information Ann uncovered on my husband’s family tree. Her informative well researched report allowed us  to follow his family roots, from Sligo, Cork to Meath and on to Donegal a fascinating insight into our family’s origins. ” D.G. Dublin, Ireland

“We loved working with Ann as she has a background interest and knowledge of history that came across and helped us understand the circumstances of our ancestors lives. We enjoyed meeting her and hearing her suggestions about how to do the lay-out for our Family Tree. Her willingness to dig deeply to find our ancestors names from several generations ago was admirable. Ann took on board the family’s suggestions and added her ideas to what turned out to be a magnificent piece of work on our Family Tree!” The O’Connor Family, New Ross